Statutory Certifications

Classification Surveys

Classification surveys are carried out by our qualified surveyors using mainly visual inspection and sampling techniques. They do not consist of comprehensive verification or monitoring.Classification certificates are generally issued for a 5-year period, subject to the satisfactory completion of periodical in-service surveys. The most common periodical classification surveys are the annual, intermediate and class renewal surveys.Leadsmar comprises authorized surveyors for several Non-IACS classification societies.Additionally,Leadsmar is authorized agent of  CRS (Crotian Register of Shipping-IACS Member-) and PRS (Polish Register of Shipping-IACS Member-) in Istanbul,Turkey.

Furthermore,Leadsmar has authorized surveyors in order to carry out Class and Statutory surveys on behalf of some Non-IACS organizations such as OMCS,ICS,MACOSNAR,MSR,NASHA and PSR etc.

Statutory Surveys

Statutory related verification activities are delivered through our competent surveyors who board vessels in line with the periodic survey program, throughout the phases of design, construction & operation of ships and offshore unit installations.During on board surveys, our surveyors verify level of conformity of IMO International safety instruments, Flag State National Regulations in force, unified interpretations of statutory related norms together with relevant Flag State interpretations.Full Term Certificates are issued by  Head Offices exclusively, unless there is a certain Government requirement where full term certificates are issued by the country itself.

Leadsmar is providing following statutory certificates through approved R.Os on behalf of several flag states ;

  • Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate
  • Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
  • Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate
  • Cargo Ship Safety Radiotelegraphy Certificate
  • International Load Line Certificate (LLC)
  • International Tonnage Certificate (ITC-69)
  • International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (IOPP) / MARPOL
  • Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodations (CICA)
  • Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (Vessels under 500 GRT)
  • Cargo Ship Safety Radiotelephony Certificate (Vessels under 300 GRT)
  • Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate
  • Pleasure Ship Safety Certificate
  • ISM Code
  • Document of Compliance
  • Safety Management Certificate
  • Document of Compliance with Safety Code for Cargo Vessels in the Caribbean
  • International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) Audits and Certificates
  • Ship Security Plan (SSP) & Ship Security Assessment Approval (SSA)
  • International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP) / MARPOL
  • Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate / MARPOL
  • Document of Compliance for the Carriage of Solid Bulk Cargo
  • Document of Compliance for the Carriage of Grain in Bulk
  • International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk (NLS Cert.)
  • Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS)
  • Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMPEP)
  • Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (BCH Code)
  • International Certificate of Fitness for the carriage on Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk
  • Document of Compliance for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods.
  • International Antifouling System Certificate

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