Seafarer Endorsements

Today, ship owners and managers face huge problems in meeting the STCW requirements regarding endorsements and certification of officers and crew. Leadsmar facilitates not only the requests of Ship Owners for the maritime industry, but also the seafarers. There are very few organizations that take into consideration the interest of the Seafarer and Leadsmar is one such organization.Leadsmar provides the service to all seafarers in obtaining license and seamen book under various flags for Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer and all other officers and ratings as per the STCW (78/95) Convention Regulations, easily and promptly. Leadsmar, through its local offices, provides value added services of verification of seafarer's certificates and fast processing of permanent licenses and endorsements. On most occasions, Leadsmar would be able to provide the services of endorsements from relevant flag at the home country of seafarer or signing in port.

Leadsmar is deputy registrar for following flag states and may issue endorsement in it's office directly ;

  • Republic of Mongolia
  • Republic of Panama
  • Republic of Sierra Leone
  • Republic of Tanzania